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Hey everyone, I don’t know about you, but for me fishing is a time to relax and bond with the universe.  Sure the occasional tournament is a nice change of pace, but more often than not, give me some water, maybe a good friend, some bev’s and clean air….a little slice of heaven is what that recipe bakes up.

I enjoy fresh water fishing and salt water fishing.  I tend to like the taste of Halibut, Ling Cod, and Rock Bass so when fishing the ocean I tend toward keeping the harvest.  Make no mistake though, I enjoy bass fishing, trout fishing, salmon fishing and nothing beats running a river, or coasting silently through a mountain lake, though I tend to like the taste of fresh water fish less so releasing the buggers so others can appreciate their simple beauty is the strategy there.

So what exactly got me “hooked” on fishing?

My earliest memory around fishing was set around the time that I was probably about five years old.  My folks were trying to keep me occupied by having me “do some fishing”.

Problem was, I just couldn’t quite get the hang of casting, it boggled my wee little mind and challenged my less than adequate dexterity.  So my mom had an idea, she took about 8 feet of fishing line, tied it to a stick, and voila, instant simplicity and I was fishing.

This of course freed up the adults to do whatever drivel they occupied their time with, meanwhile a whole new world had opened up to me.  I went up and down the banks of whatever backwater little Minnesota creek we were occupying and caught gads of fish of various sizes.

That stick, or one very like it then became my rod of choice.  It often landed me the most, if not the biggest, fish against anyone that wanted to try their gargantuan hand against me.  I became adept at flicking that line (that kept getting longer and longer) into holes, under trees and logs, right into eddies behind the best rocks and my fish started to get bigger; which introduced me to the concept of catch and release.  What a lesson:  throw back the minnows so that their potential might be reached and appreciated by someone else (or maybe even me).

As I said, the line kept getting longer and longer, tangles became pervasive.  But the real game changer happened when I decided to land my little barbed hook right in a hole under this bee laden bush.

I made sure the line wasn’t tangled, that everything was just right, took a couple steps forward and WHIP! …abruptly introduced myself to the white hot delicious agony of a pierced ear.

That pretty much sealed the deal, my folks decided that I needed a “real” fishing pole.  But what could possibly replace my perfect stick pole?  The idea of complicating what was otherwise a simple life seemed somehow…wrong.  And yet, there was my ear to think about.

So we started trying out various poles of all sizes, reels that were “simple” with a little push button and others that required a gymnast’s skill just to get a little line out in some water.

We settled on a pole that was about 5 feet long with a simple spincast reel.  I couldn’t tell you now what the model was because, well, I didn’t care.  I just wanted to start catching fish again….without the piercings (what are these people thinking that do that on purpose, it hurts you know!).

One of the habits I picked up from that experience was that to find the “thing” that is just right, often takes a great deal of time.  You have to research, understand what problem you are trying to overcome, what features are required or makes life easier.  As a result, I tend to research things and places a great deal before I plop down my cash (or these days slide my card), or spend time traveling to a place.

Problem is, I’m a little rough on paper.  It tends to rip, wrinkle or get wet.  I tend to name files weird names or put them in places I’ll never find again.

On the other hand, if I were to create something like a web site, that dates things automatically, allows me to store things in plain English and allows people like you to weigh in on my findings that seems like something that would be much more useful to me….and maybe even to you.

That’s why I created this site.  I hope you find it useful, or at least entertaining, thanks for stopping by!

Go Fish!


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