Tips and Tricks

Let’s face it, as any avid fisherman knows, persistence and patience are the key to success when fishing.

Fishing tips and tricks as well as technique can definitely tip the odds in your favor.

Some of the fishing tips and tricks presented in these pages can be used virtually anywhere, while others may include tackle or bait that are not allowed in certain areas, so be responsible.  Make certain before you try a tip that it’s legal in the waters that you are using it in.

I take no responsibility for your ignorance, use them at your own risk.  OK, since that’s out of the way, let’s get back to what’s important….fishing!

The simplest way to start fishing in any water is you need a line, a hook, some kind of attractant (bait or lures), and ideally something to tie your line to like a pole.

That’s what you need to start, and every one along those lines are created equal.  What comes next are those little edges, those fishing tips and tricks that people use all over the world that gives extra infusion of success.

If you are seeing this text, then you are a bit premature.  The first tips and tricks will be posted shortly so check back soon.

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